Married At First Sight Season 3: Couples Return To Show That All’s Not Well, Casting Calls Removed, Producers Defend The Show, And More!

The television always tries to do something that hasn’t been done before and it was with this aim at Married at First Sight was initiated. It was to be a social experiment where couples will be paired according to compatibility and married off. The first couples in Season 1 of Married at First Sight are going to be back for Married at First Sight: The First Year Season 2 and things don’t look very well.

While the couples from Season 1 are still together, things went downslide with Married at First Sight Season 2. None of the couples lasted for more than six months. The fans are hoping to watch at least the first two couples from Season 1 living a happy conjugal life, but they might be disappointed.

The two couples were matched by the team of experts consisting of eminent relationship advisors and psychologists and were paired up to marry even before they had met each other. While things had appeared to be smooth since they have married since then, it might not be so.

The trailer for the show showed that initially it was Cortney and Jason who were bickering, but they had worked out their issues and even agreed that with them the honeymoon period never ended. Doug and Jamie were now bickering at full force. The two have been living apart and this seems to be hampering their relationship.

There were a lot of backlashes that Married at First Sight had to go through after the massive failure of the second season. Kinetic Content who runs the show released a statement stating that the experts had the best intentions when they paired the couples and they had put them through the most rigorous tests in order to match them up.

There are extensive checks on the background and behavior of the contestants before they are legally married off to other contestants. They make sure that the contestants are paired with their perfect matches, but the show cannot guarantee that the couples remain married.

Christian Post has reported that Sam Dean, the executive producer of Married at First Sight have said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that are producers are not the ones who should be held responsible for the high failure rate in the second season and neither should the experts be held responsible.

They have made use of very sophisticated and stringent record and psychological tests, ones that are used by the CIA and the FBI. The show isn’t a gimmick and even though the results haven’t been as they had expected it to in Season 2, Married at First Sight is doing really well in Denmark.

Master Herald has reported that even though there has been a rise in the number of interested candidates for Season 3, Married at First Season 3 has been cancelled. According to Chris Coelen, the executive producer of the US version of Married at First Sight, the third season saw more than 20,000 contestants willing to be a part of the social experiment.

In spite of all these reports, the casting-calls for the show have been removed from the social media and there have been no updates about Season 3 of Married at First Sight on their official pages. The website has also been shut down thus confirming that things haven’t received a green signal.

Given the massive failure of the second season, Married at Sight Season 3 is likely to be replaced by another show based on couples, but with a different format. The show will be another social experiment and is going to be similar to the format of Wife Swap and Trading Spouses.