Sausage Party: Jammed with Humor and Sexual Innuendos, Writer Reveals Inspiration, Received A Positive Widespread Response On Release

He further mentions that the idea of the movie was put forth from his love for animation, love for Pixar movies and Dreamwork animation movies. Seth even added that the idea of everyday non-living objects around the idea of everyday life gave him the theme to his story line, and that’s how “Sausage Party” came to life.

The R-rated movie tends to draw people’s attention since its spring South by Southwest premiere. While it has been receiving a positive response since it has been released just in the United States, we need to give it a bit more time to see if the response heightens or declines while there are quite a few more movies simultaneously playing in the theaters that were released around the same time.

As per the small snippets that have been gathered, “Sausage Party” sounds like the struggle for survival wrapped around a very carefully woven thin layer of sex jokes with the perfect amount of humor into it.

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