Sausage Party: Jammed with Humor and Sexual Innuendos, Writer Reveals Inspiration, Received A Positive Widespread Response On Release

Love food, supermarkets, and a good laugh with the perfect share of a copious humor and an unthinkable amount of sexual innuendos? Looks like the perfect movie to grab your attention has now been released.

The title of the movie brings forth every person’s happy feelings, “Sausage” being every person’s favorite go-to food; after all, who doesn’t love to “Party”. Right?

While the premiere aired on March 14 2016 at South By Southwest Premiere, the movie was released in the theaters on August 12 2016 by Columbia Pictures in the United States Of America.

If you have watched “This Is The End” and “Pineapple Express” and loved them, then writers Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen can assure you that their latest animated venture, “Sausage Party” is bound to snatch your attention and leave you in a state of laughter throughout the movie.

Think about this: what is better than seeing a bunch of hot dogs, buns, bread, and a couple other ingredients that are stacked upon on the shelves of the Supermarket, waiting for themselves to be picked up and taken beyond the premises, hold a deep conversation that is bound to make your stomach tickle with laughter?

Even while the plot and the title of the movie might sound a bit compelling and dubious, the content and the hard work put into the animation is set to blow the audience’s minds off. It is rumored to have taken over a good 10 years for the final product to come out as the “Sausage Party”.

Revolving around Frank, the frankfurter, and his girlfriend, Brenda the bun, the movie is set about how Frank, who just wanted to be taken away from the shelves of the “Shopwell’s” supermarket ends up witnessing the horrifying fate once they are plucked off the shelves.

Depicted in the movie, the food, rather the packaged ones, are seen singing morning hymnals, where silently praying for them to be plucked off their respective shelves and taken to their destinations – which probably is like the new home they all dream about.

While the co-writers have very well hinted at humor and explicit yet not graphic sexual content, it can well be visualized in which the packaged set of wieners seems to compare and boast about their lengths and girth while fantasizing themselves with a lady bun on the adjoining shelf.

While I wish to indulge you to a more varied and elaborated synopsis of the movie, it’s sufficient to advise that you just need to see the actions, and enjoy the witty and perfectly timed punch lines of the innuendos, for yourself. You can see if Frank gets any of his meat in bun action that his mind has been revolving around!

The co-directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan even mentioned that they wanted to keep the rumored concepts of them making a Pixar movie, cooking. They also emphasized the amount of originality and the hard work that went into making the facial animations with somewhat slightly exaggerated emotions with a familiar fluidity.

While the R-rated animated film revolving around an array of packaged goods on the shelves of supermarkets was an end result of 10 years of hard work and dedication, there were probable speculations of the movie coinciding with the release of Lenny Bruce’s republication of his autobiography.

As noticed on multiple occasions how Lenny Bruce’s genius creativity always resulted in him ending up in jail, it was later mentioned that Bruce would have enjoyed the movie even though he might have ended up with some addiction resulting in sheer outrage, like always.

When co-writer Seth Rogen was interviewed by Yahoo movies, he mentioned that the inspiration for such unfamiliar content was mainly his heightened interest and inclination towards the Toy-Story type films.