Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 Shipped To India for Evaluation, Hardware Specifications Revealed!

Meanwhile, it is quite difficult for tech companies to keep their operations a secret these days. It is mainly because of the fact that there are many different devices with access to tools that can track their activities on various fronts. When you are shipping an unreleased device to another country for testing purposes, information can easily make their way out of customs offices and reach the public.

The recent shocking reports suggest that the device sent to India was destroyed after the completion of its verification procedures. Further reports claim that the device was priced at the $252 mark. These devices have been made to trigger a competition with Apple’s latest range of thinnest iPad Air devices. If Samsung can release something more impressive, it will serve as competition to the Apple iPad Air 2. Under the hood, an eight core processor powers both devices but there have been conflicting reports regarding the make and model.

Recent claims suggest that Samsung will use the latest processor hardware available in the market at the moment. Ultimately, there are a lot of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 rumors that are surfacing at the moment. It’s difficult to decide which one you should pay attention to and which ones you shouldn’t.

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