Samsung Galaxy S6 Compared to Galaxy A5, Note 5 and S6 Users Are Getting Locked Out by Marshmallow Updates, More Details

Meanwhile, if you are planning to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S6 to Marshmallow, you better hold on here since reports have emerged, suggesting that some users are getting locked out of their device. According to a Reddit user, ever since Marshmallow was installed on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5, the device doesn’t seem to recognize any fingerprints.

McNooberson, the Reddit user, complained that it happened to his wife along with a few other people at Best Buy. Apparently, Note 5 and Galaxy S6 are the only two phones to be affected. According to him, the device is failing to recognize their fingerprints. At the same time, Google Sign-In and Backup password aren’t working either.

Although the problem doesn’t affect all Samsung smartphones, reports indicate that it is troubling Galaxy S5, Galaxy S7 and Note 4 as well. According to a user, his/her Galaxy S5 locked out even though the user made many attempts with the PIN and the patterns. SamMobile reported that users should disable their fingerprint log-in and passwords before upgrading to Marshmallow.

The S6 still remains one of the best devices in terms of camera quality. If you compare it with the 8MP camera in the iPhone 5S, the difference is immediately noticeable. The device is not just great with selfies.

It manages to perform well with compose shots and bring out an impressive result. If you wish to experience the true possibilities of a smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S6 is your device.

Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung Galaxy S6!