Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date, Specification and Price Rumors, Phablet Features 6.1-inch 4K Display and 4000mAh Battery!

Galaxy Note 5 was never launched in the UK but its White Pearl and Black Sapphire models retailed in United States at £459 for the 32GB variants and for £525 for the 64GB variants. The price of Samsung’s Note series devices haven’t inflated in the last couple of years.

Therefore, you can expect the upcoming device to be priced in the same range. Galaxy Note 5 was an excellent upgrade over the Note 4 but it was only made available in US and North America as a result of which consumers in Europe and UK didn’t get a chance to buy the device.

Meanwhile, two concept images have surfaced online, thanks to two different designers. One of the renders was made by Rishi Ramesh. He imagined the device to be a 6inch phablet packed with a 6inch display, 4K resolution and 6GB of RAM. Other interesting features in the device include Iris and fingerprint scanners.

The device will feature a metal chassis and should cost around $900. According to designer, Metti Farhang, the device will feature dual cameras. It will have a 16MP-12MP dual camera combo. The handset will be further available in 64GB, 128GB or 256GB variants, while including a 5000mAh battery.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on Samsung Galaxy Note 6!