Samsung Galaxy A5: Major Improvements Coming with The 2016 Version, Fingerprint Reader to be Included in The Device, And More

JK Shin, the CEO and head of Samsung’s IT and mobile business recently stated that the company strives towards continuous innovation at all times. He added that Samsung tries to maintain a close touch with their consumers which enable them to understand their needs and desires.

The new Galaxy A series is built by the company keeping in mind the feedbacks provided by users of the original ‘A’ series devices.

With the new A series, Samsung has tried to provide a range of smartphones to consumers that will work towards making a style statement while also catering to their day to day needs in a good way.

No specific release date for the Samsung Galaxy A5 has been announced yet by the developers, but it is being speculated that the entire A series which also includes the Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A7 will make its appearance in China sometime in the middle of the current month.

The range of smartphones will gradually make their way to other parts of the world over the next few weeks and months.

There has been no official statement from Samsung about the price tags that these devices will come with.

Stay tuned for more update on Samsung Galaxy A5.