Ryan Reynolds: Talks about Wanting To Be a Villain, His Upcoming Films and Doing All His Stunts without a Body Double, More Details!

Reynolds has always done his stunts on his own. He loves fighting and action, especially scenes where the fighting looks realistic. However, after breaking two vertebrae while shooting with Denzel Washington for Safe House, Ryan Reynolds has become a little cautious.

Ryan Reynolds is married to actress Jake Lively and has a six month old James. The father of one is known for playing action heroes on screen and he does most of his scenes on his own.

However, he knows where to draw the line. At 38 years old, he feels the days when he could jump up after a stunt and start over again are gone; now it’s more like forcing himself to get up fast without making people notice that he is in pain.

For Self/Less where his character is an Army ranger, he did most of the stunts on his own, except a few. One particular action scene where a building explodes and he had to fly out, he preferred that the trained stunt-man did it for him.