Ben Affleck: Spotted After Announcing Divorce from Jennifer Garner, Heads to Comic-Con 2015, Plans Standalone Batman Movie!

The world is shocked and aghast of the news that has just hit them. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have decided to separate after 10 year years of marriage and three children. There were rumors about the two having trouble in their marriage and seeking help with a marriage counsellor, but no one imagined that two of the Hollywood’s A-list stars who always looked picture perfect, would head to divorce-ville.

PEOPLE magazine has reported that when the couple started going for help to see their marriage through, it was because Ben Affleck was finding it hard to match up to the expectations of his wife Jennifer Garner. This came as a shock to the fans again.

Report said that Ben Affleck said that when someone keeps on telling you that you are not good enough, continuously, you tend to start believing it slowly. There were rumors about Jennifer Garner being very controlling and dominating. Ben Affleck couldn’t take this anymore and decided to move out of the marriage.

Garner’s friends on the other hand have reportedly said that even ten years after being in the marriage, Ben didn’t know what it takes to have a successful marriage. He had to be told and reminded and when he finally realised what went into making a successful marriage, he wasn’t interested to continue in it.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner officially released a statement stating that the two have decided to go ahead with their divorce on the PEOPLE magazine issue of 30th June. Ben Affleck when contacted later on this issue said that there is no point thinking about the sad aspects of life, but it is better to continue to move in a positive direction. He said that it is in no way easy or happy, but we have to continue living our life.

Ben Affleck will continue living in the family home at Los Angeles for now. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Affleck have made it very clear that their three kids, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel are always going to be their top priority.

Soon after the news of the impending divorce came out, Ben Affleck was spotted without his wedding ring on his finger. However, he has confused every one again by wearing the ring back on his finger.

Judi James, a relationship expert has said that this behaviour of Ben Affleck’s, where he is opening and putting on the ring back again, is a sign of him being confused. He is having a hard time coping with the change that life has thrown at him.

Judi James says that although Ben Affleck had said that there is no significance in wearing or not wearing the ring, there is a profound implication on what you do with your ring when it comes to the state of your marriage.

This move of Ben Affleck’s has got fans very excited. They feel that Ben Affleck might be hinting at the fact that things could look up between him and Jennifer Garner again. Ben was spotted on Friday, spending time with two of his kids. He was out with Seraphina and Samuel in Georgia and even managed a smile while running errands.

The news is official and there’s no turning back now. Ben and Jen have split. While Ben spends time with his kids and makes public appearances, Jen is keeping private and leaning on her friends to help her see through the days of crisis.