Ryan Reynolds: Talks about Wanting To Be a Villain, His Upcoming Films and Doing All His Stunts without a Body Double, More Details!

Ryan Reynolds is asking directors to cast him as a villain in their upcoming films. The Hollywood actor is tired of being the good guy and after reading Matthew Goode’s villainous role in his upcoming film Self/Less he desperately wants to be portrayed on screen as one.

Reynolds can’t stop gushing about Matthew Goode’s role and feels he has done a remarkable job as a villain. Reynolds went on o say that his dream role is to play the role of a villain on screen.

Having played the role of good guys on screen, he feels it is time for a change. Ryan Reynolds, who was the Green Lantern, wants to play the role of a villain in the manner of a hero. He feels that villains carry themselves off like they are the heroes in the film and he feels it’s not right that the casting directors cast only those actors they feel who can be villainous on screen for the part of the bad guy.

He is waiting for the opportunity when he will be cast as a villain on screen and he knows how he is going to play the part. He will not make the villain look like a villain.

Reynolds appeared on HuffPost Live where he said that he is done being the good guy in the movies. The actor has played superheroes in quite a few films now. He was there in Green Lantern, Blade: Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Deadpool.

He has made it very clear that Deadpool will be the last super hero movie that he will be doing. He said that everyone wishes to be a super hero one day, but not him. He wants to be the bad guy, but isn’t getting the opportunity because he doesn’t look like one.

While talking about Deadpool, he said that the film is rated R and for them to be back, the fans have to come out and support them. It is only when the Marvel sees that the film is getting a good number of audience will they want to go ahead with a sequel.

Ryan Reynolds stars in Self/Less, which is a sci-fi thriller. He sides alongside the legendary Ben Kingsley. The plot revolves around a billionaire, Damien Hale (Ben Kingsley) who is dying of cancer and uses the help of a secret organization to transfer his mind into the body of a younger guy (Reynolds) in order to live longer. The medical procedure is invented by Matthew Goode’s Professor Albright, who is desperate to safe guard the top secret idea.

In an interview with Fox News, Ryan Reynolds said that he finds sci-fi film interesting because they turn into a thriller after a point and they are always interesting because you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

When asked if he would want to live forever. Ryan Reynolds responded that everyone at some point or the other thinks about an instant when they can live forever and simply roam around the planet for as long as they want.

While it may seem interesting, Reynolds doesn’t want to do something like that because he feels that that it would take a lot of arrogance to say that someone would everything under his power to live forever. Reynolds believes that everyone will ultimately be happy when they have to close their eyes and live the world.

When asked about his experience of working with Sir Ben Kingsley, he said that it was a great opportunity. Though the two have only one scene together in the movie, they did meet and he is privileged to have shared screen space with actors like Sir Ben Kingsley and Helen Mirren.