Star Wars Episode 9: Director Colin Trevorrow on-board, Release Date Announced, Change of Script, New Characters Introduced, And More

The “Star Wars” series are going to be probable for the common mass to play with fashion and with storytelling in various dissimilar ways. “Rogue One” will be the one which will be very much accurate since it will be the very first theatrical “Star Wars” movie which is not at all with reference to the Skywalkers in any way.

This is for sure that this movie is set in that time period, but there is a slight change. It is all about the revolution plus it’s about a frantic mission also. In addition to the revolution, frantic mission, there is also an addition of some new characters as well.

Gareth Edwards is going to have a set of room to make it look a bit dissimilar than the key series. The same applies for the Miller/Lord “Han Solo” movie. Well it has been heard that these kind of “series” movie are being released when they have to be released since they can expand or praise or in some way spring back the main chapter which comes before it.

Colin Trevorrow is this year’s highest grossing film’s director Jurassic World, which is smashing reports left, right and centre across the world. His marvelous achievement with the movie “Jurassic World,” has altered everything for Trevorrow, and if this is certainly declared during the Comic-Con Panel, then he is off and running for what will be an epic quest.

Well it has been heard that Lucasfilm was about to give Josh Trank a chance to direct this movie but Trevorrow landing “Episode 9” is a very important deal. It is not only one of the key series but also it’s the termination of this new trilogy and this particular movie is going to be one of the most expected releases of all time when it lastly comes out in the year 2019.

With the currently declared Han Solo Star Wars is a  much more important property than ever and as Jurassic World  and as Jurassic World goes on to rack up monster numbers populace are obviously going to put these two jointly.

Well there are abundant chronological associations among the two franchises. ILM has given the special effects for both the series and whereas Skywalker Sound endow with the sound effects.

John Williams has established the idea for both the series and George Lucas and Steven Spielberg who are friends since long has brought them on display. Lucas has also overseen the post-production of Jurassic Park when Spielberg was not here that is when he left to Europe for the shooting of Schindler’s List.

Currently, Trevorrow’s Jurassic World is the fifth biggest movie of all time worldwide, just behind this year’s Fast and Furious 7 and the fourth biggest in North America ahead of this year’s Age of Ultron and just behind the original Avengers.

Trevorrow has knocked the mother layer by bracing an older and much adored franchise. In the meantime, Episode 9 revolves around that won’t be as much of apprehension-Star Wars will be as much in the public eye as it has ever been. But his respect for the source material augurs well.

He is extremely rated by Steven Spielberg-well something which is not to be underrated, who brought a rollicking action movie in Jurassic World and is visibly contented with intricate visual effects. Therefore the ILM team knows him very well, which is an immense tick in the box when it comes to the complications of making a Star Wars movie.

Star Wars Episode 9 will be penned by Rian Johnson. Johnson is the man behind Looper, Brick and The Brothers Bloom, is the writer/director of Star Wars Episode 8 and unlike Trevorrow would surely have some contribution in the story and the plot will most probably be finely set.

Well nothing has been surely declared whether Trevorrow becomes the latest in a fast-growing line of Star Wars directors.

Information has come from Heroic Hollywood that The Star Wars panel at the Comic-Con will showcase a surprise announcement that Colin Trevorrow will be directing Star Wars Episode 9.

Lucasfilm will take Colin Trevorrow’s name in front of everyone at Hall H of the Star Wars Comic-Con Panel to declare him as the next director of Star Wars Episode 9.