Ryan Gosling to Play a Dopey Private Eye, Takes Eva Mendes On a Family Vacation to Celebrate Her Birthday!

Entertainment Tonight reported that Ryan Gosling and Eve Mendes also rescued a puppy while they were on their vacation. They had gone out to pick up food when their car almost ran over a puppy. Ryan Gosling, who is known to be an animal lover, immediately got off the car and pick the puppy up to check if it was fine and then found out whom the dog belonged to and handed it over to them.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes recently had a lot of issues to deal with. The two were expected to be at the Oscar together, but when Eva Mendes was absent from the whole affair, there were a lot of rumors that started circulating.

It was reported that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are going to end up breaking up since Ryan Gosling is having an affair with Emma Stone. Emma Stone is recently single since she and Andrew Garfield had broken up.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling had been working together for La La Land and there are rumors that the two of them would secretly catch up while filming. Ever since Eva Mendes had found out about it she had asked Ryan Gosling to stay away from her, which clearly hasn’t happened.

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