Automatron DLC for Fallout 4 Released, A Guide to Download and Install the Update!

Fallout 4 just received its first expansion pack in the form of Automatron. The Automatron DLC was launched this Tuesday and it brought a number of new aspects to the game. Once the expansion pack is downloaded, the Pip-Boy menu will be updated with the new quests that it brings with itself.

After installation of the update, the Radio section of the Pip-Boy will give out an in-game distress signal. This particular signal can be activated to access the story-expansion Mechanical Menace quest. Players can identify the signal as Caravan Distress Call.

Players who are in possession of the Season Pass need not do anything to get their hands on the expansion pack. It will get downloaded to their PC or consoles automatically. However, those who are not in possession of the expansion pack can download contents of the DLC manually.

Those who play the game on PC will have to log in to their respective accounts on Steam to download the expansion pack. After logging in they will have to access the options for Fallout 4 from the library. To do so they will have to right click on the Fallout 4 option.

Doing so will open a menu and from that menu the option- “View Downloadable Content” needs to be selected.It should be noted that the “Install” checkbox should be enabled or else the download won’t start.

If in case the download fails to start, the “Install” checkmark needs to be unchecked and then rechecked once again. This should begin the download process.

Gamers who play the game on Xbox One will have to access the “My Games and Apps” menu from the Home screen of their consoles. To do so they will have to hold down the “RT” button on the controller and press the “A” button.

Once inside the “My Games and Apps” menu, they will have to select “Menu” option of Fallout 4. After that the “Manage Game” option from the following menu has to be selected. This will open an option to download the DLC. Players will have to select the “Ready to Install” option and doing so will begin the download.

As for PlayStation 4 owners, the library needs to be accessed by them and from it the Fallout 4 option has to be selected. Doing so will navigate them to product page of the game. Once in there, first they will have to select the “Related Items” option followed by the “My Add-Ons” option.

This will open a page where the option to download the DLC will be present. Selecting that option will begin the download of the expansion pack. The option can be seen on the left hand side of the page.

As for the expansion pack, the first mission will be to destroy a number of evil robots who are attacking some good robots. After defeating them, the player will come across a robot by the name of Ada.

It is this particular robot who explains the basic story of the expansion pack. It states that the horde of evil robots are being controlled by a man named as The Mechanist. Nothing much is known about the man except for the fact that he wants to protect the dwellers of the Wasteland and thus he has been creating these robots.

However, the robots seem to attack everything in their path and this has become a problem for everyone. It is also explained that the player will be tasked with finding out The Mechanist and killing him. Ada will provide help to the player in this regard.

As for the Robobrains, these were created when the RobCo industries conducted some weird experiments that involved criminals and other convicts. Apparently, the brains of these criminals and convicts have been used to create the Robobrains.