Sam Escapes the Safe House, But Will He Survive the Next Episode? Supernatural Back After Hiatus with Werewolves!

Supernatural is going to be back from the midseason break with episode 17 and the fans will see the Winchester brothers heading back to tackle the werewolves once again. The fans can be assured of an action packed episode, but this is something that goes without saying in Supernatural.

Supernatural might draw closely from folk tales, but it doesn’t follow the original story completely and lately it hasn’t been following a serialized action plan as well. However, Entertainment Weekly has assured fans that the upcoming episode titled Red Meat will see Dean and Sam Winchester head to hunt Amara and Castiel.

In the previous episode, Safe House, Sam and Dean end up in a house where years ago Rufus and Bobby had encountered creatures like soul eaters who would snatch away the soul of the victims, leaving behind the bodies in coma. The soul eaters would then head to their supernatural nest to gorge on the captured souls.

In order to make the episode interesting, Supernatural showed the two incidents play out simultaneously. While the basic premise of the incidents was the same, the fans realize that they are different in some minor areas. Dean and Sam try to solve the case in the same manner as Bobby and Rufus, where they find out all the information and then try to solve it along the supernatural symptoms.

The call comes when after years the mother realizes that the monsters clawing her children are back and then both the mother and the child gets into a coma. When the boys reach the house, they realize after talking to the neighbors that Bobby and Rufus had been there to deal with the same issue years ago.

Unlike Bobby and Rufus, Dean and Sam, however, have an additional help. They find out the mother of one of the victims. She had left the supernatural home for a safer place and informs them that Bobby had asked her not to touch the wallpaper back in the supernatural home.

Dean and Sam immediately head to the supernatural house and as the viewers had expected, Sam immediately touches the wallpaper and peels it out to reveal a sigil that had been placed there to trap the soul eaters and make the house safe. The sigil was removed by the new owners who were changing the wallpaper of the place and they let the demons out.

While Bobby and Rufus had decided to trap the soul eaters, the Winchester brothers decide on a more permanent solution. They decide to kill the supernatural beings in their inimitable style and end the matter once and for all.

While the Winchesters had dealt with the supernatural crisis head on every time, Supernatural’s episode 17 will see something completely different. Instead of fighting the pack of werewolves, the brothers will be running from there after they realize that there are too many for them to handle. Sam gets shot by one of the werewolves and once again Dean will have to try and keep him alive.

The trailer for the upcoming episode has been released by CW and it is similar to the previous episode, Safe House, in the sense that it talks about The Darkness in an ominous manner. The trailer for Red Meat had been released while Supernatural Season 11 was on a hiatus.

The werewolves do not enjoy a privileged position in the show since it is mostly the vampires that are featured. However, as the trailer and the synopsis of the upcoming episode of Supernatural reveal, the show will deal with the werewolves who storm into a house.