Ryan Gosling to Play a Dopey Private Eye, Takes Eva Mendes On a Family Vacation to Celebrate Her Birthday!

Ryan Gosling is going to be back in the theatres in The Nice Guy where he plays the role of a sloppy private investigator. Ryan Gosling is always known for his suave and good looking roles, but not this time round. He is going to be the dopey sidekick to the suave and smart Russell Crowe, who is a hitman.

The two of them unite in Shane Black’s comedy The Nice Guys where they are out to look for a missing woman. Crowe’s hitman and Gosling’s private eye will be from the 70s era so they will have moustache and sideburns.

Fans have seen the chemistry that the two shared on the stage at Oscar when they had come out to present an award and they are excited to witness the same in the upcoming film.

The film is set in 1977 Los Angeles and as Deadline reports is going to see some fancy cars, a cameo from Tower Records and some mob action in the City of Angels. The film also stars Kim Basinger, whose daughter, played by Margaret Qualley is going to go missing and Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe have to find her.

Ryan Gosling has a habit of making news with every word he utters and every action he performs. There were reports that the actor is going to leave the L.A suburb where he lives next to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and head to White Bear Lake. He was the second celebrity after Justin Bieber who was rumored to be moving to the countryside.

O’Reilly Post came out with a report that stated that Ryan Gosling is keen on getting vacation home in White Bear Lake since he wants a change in the scenery and he feels that natural setting of the place is going to be the perfect place to head out to for some much needed break.

Gosling was reported to have said that the White Bear Lake is a great place to vacation since it has a beautiful lake and the people who live in the St. Paul area have always been nice and cordial. The localities of the area had gotten very excited at the prospect that Ryan Gosling will be headed to the White Bear Lake area, when City Pages reported that the whole thing was hoax.

It was reported that the O’Reilly Post that had released this snippet of information terms itself as a fantasy news site and this had disappointed the fans. There was a woman from the area who had gone on record to state that Ryan Gosling should check out the private Sunset Lake property that is owned by a man named Hugo since that will give him direct access to the Lake through her yard.

Ryan Gosling is smitten by his ladylove Eva Mendes and had never left an opportunity to gush about her. The actor had recently taken her and their daughter Esmeralda to Palm Springs, where the family celebrated Eva Mendes’ 42nd birthday.

Given the busy schedule that Ryan Gosling had been having thanks to The Nice Guy and La La Land, the family hadn’t had a chance to spend some time together and Ryan Gosling saw Eva Mendes’ birthday as the perfect opportunity to do so.

He booked the house of Frank Sinatra to spend four days there. The house is available for stay at a rate of $2,600 for a night. The house boasts of four bed room with seven washrooms and a huge pool.