Ryan Gosling Presents the Academy Award with Russell Crowe, Fans Hoped for A Photo with Rachel McAdams!

They started poking fun and bickering and then Ryan Gosling said that the two have two Oscar awards between them and hence it is beneath them to get into such stupid fights. When Russell Crowe enquired if Ryan Gosling had won an Oscar, he retorted back saying that since Russell Crowe has two Oscar awards, hence there are two between them.

Ryan Gosling fans were hoping that they would get to see the star with his The Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams. The actress had been nominated for her role in Spotlight. The two had dated briefly while they were working on the film together, but have been since then gone ahead to date others.

Ryan Gosling, on an interview with GQ Magazine had stated that Rachel McAdams and his relationship was nothing like that in The Notebook, there’s was more epic than that. Even Ryan Gosling’s uncle has come out to state that Rachel McAdams was perfect for Ryan Gosling. He even narrated how she would frequently come over for a beer and hang out with the family.

In spite of family members rooting for them, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams isn’t coming back together. The two didn’t even meet during the event since they were busy with their respective groups in at the Academy Awards.

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