Final Fantasy XV to Feature Unique Climate and Topography, Brand New Gameplay Demo Coming at The Uncovered Event!

The next iteration in the immensely popular Final Fantasy franchise is going to be Final Fantasy XV. The game has been the topic of discussion across a number of forums in recent times. Just in the recent past, Square Enix launched a blog for Final Fantasy XV.

The blog will be a replacement to the various Japanese forums for the games. Developers will reveal various news and updates pertaining to the game in this blog. However, the blog will not reveal any information regarding future DLCs.

Some fresh details related to the game has just been posted on this particular blog. Kaoru Kawaguchi, a Final Fantasy XV staff member revealed that the art department of the game is being looked after by ten people including herself.

The various artworks in the game like towns, trees, etc. have been drawn by this group. It is these very drawings that would be converted into CGI for the game. A number of named and un-named non-playable characters of the game have also been designed by her and her team.

She stressed that although the focus will be mainly on the playable character of the game, the non-playable characters too are extremely important and thus had to be designed carefully. She revealed that the group had designed the clothes of the characters keeping in mind the city in which they live in.

Kawaguchi stated that the bulk percentage of art work for the game has been completed by the group. She also added that she is occasionally called up for various art work requests by the developers.

As for the non-playable characters, she stated that the city of Altissia has more than hundred different non-playable characters that include men, women and also children. The art work group had to create different styles for these various non-playable characters in the game.

According to her, Final Fantasy XV will feature more characters and different styles and designs compared to any other previous Final Fantasy game.

In other news, Hiromitsu Sasaki, the environment artist of Final Fantasy XV recently stated that the game will feature a never-before seen environment in it. He revealed that he and his team has worked hard to create an environment which is completely new and unique.

The dungeon team which looks after the designs of the backdrops of the game is headed by Hiromitsu Sasaki. The lightings and textures of the game were being fine-tuned by Sasaki and his team when he made the above statement.

He added that they began the environment designing process at a basic level. The mountain ranges and the rivers were the first things to be designed by the team. With time they moved to higher details and intricate designs. The team made sure that each of the regions of the game had its own exclusive climate and topography which would be distinct from the climate and topography of other locations.

He also pointed out that designing the environment for the game led to his involvement in the rule making process of the game to a certain extent. He added that the combats of the game often would be affected by the designs of the topography and other physical features of a location.

As for the dungeons of the game, it was pointed out by Sasaki that they would be beautiful. Dungeons have always been dark and scary inFinal Fantasy games, however, with Final Fantasy XV, Sasaki and his team has worked hard to make them such that their beauty would stick to the minds of players.

Yibada recently reported that Final Fantasy XV could be released for Nintendo NX. Nintendo NX is a brand new console developed by Nintendo.