Samsung Galaxy S7 Compared To Its Celebrated Predecessor, the Galaxy S6, the New S7 Feels More Like an S6 Plus!

While people keep talking about rumors of iPhone 7, two of the biggest smartphones were launched this year by two reputed Technology Giants, Samsung and LG. The releases took place in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

While people are presently comparing the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5, many wish to know the improvements which Samsung made over the predecessor, Galaxy S6. Firstly, you should know that the upgrade is not a major one. However, Samsung has listened to things from fans which really matter the most and based on them, made all the necessary arrangements.

Now, we wish to show you all the differences between the Galaxy S7 and the S6 and which of them matter the most. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was and still is one of the best smartphones ever to be released. It is an excellent device and even a year after its release, it still tops out as one of the best pocket devices to be made so far. However, even though it was a great device, there are three areas where it fell short of.

This caused many Samsung fans to be disappointed with their device and look elsewhere for better performance, features and support. The three vital things which were excluded are Expandable memory via microSD card, waterproofing and a removable battery.

These were all present in the Galaxy S5 but Samsung didn’t see it fit to include them in the S6 last year. Thankfully, all of them have returned with the Galaxy S7 except the removable battery. However, the battery is much higher in capacity.

The processor has been bumped up along with the camera performance and the device now boasts an always-on display. The Samsung Galaxy S7 almost feels like an S upgrade similar to what happens in the iPhone line. No groundbreaking updates have been made to the Samsung Galaxy S7. The device even lacks the presence of an IR Blaster.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is now available for pre-order from Samsung at a price of 567 pounds. The people who pre-order before 5th March will get their hands on this device on 8th March, ahead of the official release date at 11th March.

They will also get a free Samsung Gear VR headset as well. The Samsung Galaxy S7 can also be ordered from various UK Mobile operators like Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone, O2, EE and Three. Meanwhile, the one-year old Samsung Galaxy S6 is available at a cheaper price of £369.99 SIM-free (Amazon).

In terms of design and build quality, it seems like Samsung has finally decided to ditch the weird blue, white, gold and black colors with a simple black and another gold variant on the Galaxy S7.

You still cannot access the battery, like in the Galaxy S6 but at the same time, the capacity has been increased to 3000mAh from 2550mAh. The IP68 waterproofing of the S5 has been re-introduced while a microSD card slot has been added for extended storage options.

Even if you immerse the Galaxy S7 in 1.5m of water and leave it there for half an hour, the device will be fine.

However, Samsung is being highly criticized for not adding new technologies like Qualcomm Quick-Charge 3.0 or an USB Type-C port. In MWC 2016, Samsung decided to talk about it and said that Quick Charge 2.0 is good enough for users at the moment and people simply don’t have the accessories required for Type-C yet.