Ryan Gosling: No One Was Interested in His Role in The Notebook, Sophie Turner Is a Gosling Fan Girl!

Sorry Sophie and millions of other girls, but Ryan Gosling is taken! The Notebook star has come out to reveal that he is one lucky guy to have Eva Mendes in his life. The couple recently had a baby girl and Ryan Gosling is smitten by her.

The actor went on record to state that fatherhood isn’t rocket science and he will do everything possible to learn on the job. When asked if he was a good father, Ryan Gosling added that this is a question that should be posed to Eva Mendes.

He said that Eva Mendes is a very good mother and it was while watching her in the role of a mother that he realized how lucky he is to have her in his life.

There are rumors suggesting that the couple have decided to tie the knot soon. They plan on having a small wedding ceremony with only their close friends and family. Ryan Gosling was never one to settle down, but Esmeralda made him change his mind and he realized that Eva Mendes is the one for him.

Ryan Gosling has gone on to state that his family is the biggest investment for him. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are planning to have one more baby and grow their family.

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