Ryan Gosling: No One Was Interested in His Role in The Notebook, Sophie Turner Is a Gosling Fan Girl!

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam have immortalized The Notebook. Based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Spark, they made the film a runaway hit. The pair was dating while the movie was being made and this made their rendition natural and the audience still pines for the former lovers to come back to star in another film.

However, Sparks has revealed something very shocking in his recent interview. According to Today, there weren’t many takers for the male lead in The Notebook. Nicholas Spark has revealed that there were hardly any actors who wanted to play the role of Noah.

The story that Noah had in the plot wasn’t interesting enough for many well known actors. They saw no potential in the role of a guy who falls in love with a girl and just waits for her to return to him. Noah doesn’t evolve as a character and he begins the ends the plot as a lover who is madly in love for the girl.

Nicholas Spark confessed that it was the lack of arc in Noah’s story that was stopping other actors for going for the role and finally it was Ryan Gosling who got the role. Ryan Gosling had informed Company magazine that it was his ordinary look that got him the part in the film.

The director of The Notebook was in a dilemma about the casting for the role of Noah and decided to go for Ryan Gosling. Nick Cassavetes had informed Ryan Gosling that he is perfect for the role since he is known not a known face and because he doesn’t look good enough unlike the other Hollywood actors. Ryan Gosling went on to create a ripple with his performance and there was no turning for him since the role.

Nicholas Spark who is now promoting The Choice, a comedy based on his book revealed how fate sided with Ryan Gosling and helped him become one of the leading actors in the industry.

Sparks also confessed that once the filming had started for The Notebook, he and director Cassavetes readily agreed that Ryan Gosling was perfect for the role of a mill worker who becomes a visual artist.

From being the last option for The Notebook, Ryan Gosling has become a known name. He recently joined his Big Short co-stars Steve Carell and Christian Bale on stage at the Director’s Guild of America Awards.

The three of them together presented the director of Big Short, Adam McKay a medallion for his work in the film. The film has been snubbed by Academy Awards, but that didn’t bother Ryan Gosling much because he is in a very good spot  in his life thanks to his new daughter Esmeralda and soon to be wife, Eva Mendes.

Sophie Turner, who is known for her role in Game of Thrones recently made it public that she is a huge Ryan Gosling fan. Sophie Turner joined millions of girls when she uploaded a photo of her reaction upon realizing that Ryan Gosling was seated next to her at the SAG Awards on Saturday.

While there are no photographic evidence to suggest that Sophie Turner and Ryan Gosling had met during the course of the night, but then she proclaimed to the world that she was taken and that could only mean that she is married to the handsome hunk in her mind like millions of other fan girls.