Emma Stone: Break Up with Andrew Garfield, Colored Her Hair and Is Taking Tennis Lessons for New Movie!

There has been a lot of rumor about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield having parted their ways. The rumors started circulating around October since Andrew Garfield was hardly seen making any public appearances with Emma Stone.

It was later believed that the rumors are starting from the fact that Andrew Garfield is away on shoot and is hence missing out on the important social gatherings.

This, however, doesn’t seem to be the reason for the rumors anymore. There are reports that suggest the two actors have actually decided to separate and Andrew Garfield has also been engaging in a lot of public display of affection with a mysterious woman in London.

Hollywood Life has pointed out that from the manner in which Andrew Garfield and the mysterious lady were behaving, it was evident that the two of them are clearly into each other and were most probably out on a date.

Emma Stone’s ex looked he was completely over his past relationship since he couldn’t stop laughing and seemed to have a jolly good time with the new female friend.

Knowing how the paparazzi behave, there are numerous photos of Emma Stone’s ex out on a date night with a new girl in his life. While there are no photographs to indicate that the two are romantically linked, there are some photos that show that they are very close to each other and might hint that they have shared a kiss or two between themselves.

Master Herald has reported that Andrew Garfield might just have been hanging out with an old friend, but there are people who have reports suggesting that things were not just plain friendly between Andrew Garfield and the woman he was spotted with.

Reports also suggest that maybe Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are staying apart to sort out their issues ad that the two haven’t actually broken up. Their hectic shooting schedule might have kept them apart and they just need to spend time together to reconnect and that is going to happen soon enough.

Neither Emma Stone nor Andrew Garfield had come out to make any statement about the rumors that were circulating previously about the couple having separated. It was believed that the couple was keeping quite since they wanted time to answer the fact that they were still together. This, however, didn’t turn out as fans had hoped.

While Andrew Garfield is shooting in London for his upcoming film Angels in America, Emma Stone is getting ready to play the role of Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians. The new spin-off from the classic will deal with the life of the villainess and show her side of the story.

The character of Cruella De Vil was first created by Dodie Smith in the year 1956 when she wrote The One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

The story holds that the villainess used to go in the same school as the heroine Mrs. Dearly, but she was expelled because of her eccentric behavior. Cruella used to be a spoilt heiress and the film will show her preoccupation with fur and animal coat.

Emma Stone seemed to have gone for a makeover to get over the bad phase of her life. The natural blonde had kept a beautiful shade of red for the past few films she was on, but she has come out with a dark shade now. The new look of Emma Stone has shocked everyone since her red locks and brunette look had become her signature.