Rumours about Motorola Moto X’s Release, Likely to Feature Cool Modular Accessories, Specs and Incredible Design!

As far as the design is concerned, we can see that Motorola is striving towards achieving something different with its Moto X, design-wise. In order to compete better against popular labels like Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC, it has come up with a full metal or aluminium frame.

The front camera has been improved with the addition of integrated in-camera sensors as well. Ever since the original Moto X was launched, Motorola had stumbled to offer a quality camera, well, not any more.

Motorola’s recent history reveals that the company has been providing spec’s, which are of slightly lower configuration, but it also holds the record of being able to provide price sensitive consumers with phones, which are around $200-$300 lesser than its competitors.

Motorola’s Moto X might be a very practical smartphone, even if it isn’t the sharpest looking phone in the market and has a big bulging camera.The new and improved front camera with LED flash will provide much comfort to the selfie lovers.

The company announced the news of the initial Moto X in August and released it in September. This pattern has been somewhat consistent with its other releases. So, an announcement in Junes fairs itself best against an August release. Moto X or Moto Z, is said to be released in two alternatives, the Moto Z Play and The Moto Z Style.

Enthusiasts are anxious to see how the phone fairs against its competition. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this.