Rumors Surrounding the Apple iPhone 7 Flush the Internet, Tons of Upgraded Features Listed for the Upcoming Device!

Ceramic materials have superior fit and finish as proved by the One Plus X. Hence, Apple is likely to lend that premium edge to their devices with the introduction of ceramic materials. In order to make the iPhones more stylish than they already are, Apple could use ceramic materials on the iPhone 7.

According to a reputed tech magazine, Apple will remove the plastic band from the rear section of the iPhone 7. This in turn will help wireless signals pass more freely, resulting in better wireless communication.

However, numerous people are against the idea of a visible antenna line towards the rear of the device, which is being labelled as “un-Apple like”. According to another report, chipset manufacturers have already increased their capacity to manufacture processors during the second and third quarters of 2016, fueling speculations that the iPhone 7 will be unveiled by the second quarter of 2016.

This seems pretty likely since Apple will ramp up productions of the iPhone 7 during the second and third quarter of the year. Waterproofing is also a major concern with the Apple iPhone 7, since the company doesn’t offer liquid warranty yet. Apple is expected to solve one of the most major problems of owning a premium end device with the iPhone 7 this year.

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