Rumors Surrounding the Apple iPhone 7 Flush the Internet, Tons of Upgraded Features Listed for the Upcoming Device!

The first spy images suggesting what the Apple iPhone 7 could look like, have surface online. Even though the images don’t showcase the device itself, it gives us a fairly good idea of what to expect from the upcoming flagship product.

According to the initial reports, Apple has stuck to the design principles used on the iPhone 6, meaning curved edges and a flat rear surface persists on the device. However, there just seems to be one problem, the device doesn’t have space for a headphone jack.

The image of a case holds other clues, including a larger camera slot, but fails to tell us whether the camera will be protruding or flush. Accessories tend to give away vital clues about the actual device and its features, although, it might seem odd to the general eye.

However, the Apple iPhone 7 is still a while away and the design might change in the coming months. Experts believe that Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 7 in September, alongside the Apple Watch 2, which is another important device from its stables.

While the Apple Watch 2 replaces the first-generation model, giving stiff competition to the likes of the Moto 360 second-gen and the Galaxy Gear 2, the Apple iPhone 7 will sit right above the iPhone 5 SE and will compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5.

Both these smartphones feature a few major advancements, putting them in a league with Apple, which is all the more reason for the Cupertino-based firm to plan ahead. Apple has faced a rough patch recently with the iPhone 6 twins, as the customer base did not like the 5-inch plus design that both devices sported.

Apple loyalists want devices with 4-inch screen size, since anything larger than that is difficult to hold. Plus, offering devices with a larger display is opposed to the general idea that Steve Jobs stood for back in the day.

There are numerous rumors doing the rounds of the internet regarding the upcoming iPhone 7, and most claim that the tech giant is working on three variants of the smartphone. While the first is slated to be a 4-inch device to appeal to the loyalists, the second will sport a dual-camera setup while the third could be a phablet, keeping up with the needs of the evolving generation.

Even though the company is yet to make an official announcement on the same, rumors suggest that the devices could be called the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro respectively. Even though most people can’t think of a third model from Apple, but a 5-inch plus device was also unthinkable two years ago.

As far as the ‘Pro’ is concerned, Apple showed us that the they were no longer limiting the Pro suffix for the iPad with the MacBook Pro. As a result, they could use the same on an iPhone as well.

Initial reports also suggest that the upcoming iPhone will feature a flush camera along with antenna lines, apart from a new feature on the rear, which is yet to be revealed. Apple could also be using ceramic materials on the rear end of the iPhone 7, if certain reports are to be believed.

Whether you believe any of these reports is entirely up to you, but it seems likely since it raises an interesting possibility that Apple wants to please all sections of the society with their latest offering.