Rumors Indicate GTA 6 to Be Released Sometime in 2018-2020!

GTA 5 has been a major success and it improved a lot over its predecessors. The game managed to set a higher benchmark regarding new features and overall changes in the open-world setup which was a major hit among GTA fans all over the world.

While the hardcore fans of this franchise were overjoyed with GTA 5, there were many others who decided to try out GTA for the first time, thanks to this level of success and popularity. Although GTA 5 is quite now with people keeping themselves busy on GTA Online, fans have already started speculating about the next installment in the GTA franchise.

Rockstar may not be working on the sequel at the moment, but rest assured that they have planned for it. Moreover, if they wish to continue their trend of success, Rockstar will definitely think about releasing a new GTA game soon.

Keep in mind that a massive title like GTA takes a lot of time to be completed and things won’t be different in case of GTA 6 either. Rockstar has already had some general ideas regarding this game and all we need to do is waiting and seeing what kind of concepts and they wish to incorporate in this upcoming title.

Sadly, Rockstar will never discuss any of their plans from beforehand and therefore, you should expect to stay in the dark for quite some time. The studio has definitely managed to learn a lot from GTA 5 and fans are wondering what they wish to carry over to the next installment.

There are a lot of possibilities regarding development, but we are not even sure whether Rockstar wants to continue the multiple protagonist features in the upcoming title. In the meantime, a lot of fans want a world that is even bigger than before.

GTA 5 had a lot going on, under the hood but at the same time, there were several limitations in the game and gamers are waiting to see them beaten in the upcoming installment. As a result, players felt that the scope of their gameplay was getting somehow restricted with these limitations.

Therefore, a lot of gamers have requested that Rockstar decides to make them game even livelier and more interesting than before. There are vast outdoor environments that come with a lot of wasted space and people basically want to see them getting filled up with interesting stuff.

Fans of GTA 6 have been quite busy with the latest update from Rockstar but people are wondering when Rockstar will decide to release a follow-up to this installment. According to the latest speculations, gamers should expect GTA 6 to be released sometime in 2018.

This is a complete rumor and Rockstar needs to make an official announcement if this time-frame is to be taken as solid. Meanwhile, it has also been suggested that GTA fans keep an open mind about the release date as it could be delayed further, to 2020.

The release date of 2018 for GTA 6 was predicted, based on the developmental trends of Rockstar for GTA 5. It is being speculated that GTA 6 will bring certain changes to the franchise and this will begin with a female protagonist being introduced in the game.

Further reports indicate that even real-world stars will make cameo appearances in GTA 6 as earlier games in the franchise have played host to some major actors as in-game characters.

The vastness of the world is one of the most epic features of GTA 5 and hopefully, Rockstar will further improve on it. The world map should not only be vast, but similar to games like Witcher 3, it should be filled up with interesting content that is worth checking out.