Rumors Continue to Build Around Half-Life 3, Might Not Release After All, J.J. Abrams to Make a Movie Based on Half-Life!

It has sparked speculations that this could be the first look at the enemies that will be found in Half-Life 3. It should however be noted that the developers have not yet given any confirmation regarding the matter.

Reports are also coming in which suggest that Half-Life 3 might never happen. News Independent listed down three reasons as to why the developers won’t be making another iteration of Half-Life video game.

Marc Laidlaw, the co-creator of the Half Life series recently announced his retirement. Laidlaw has been a significant contributor to the Half-Life games and thus his absence might result in another game not happening at all.

Secondly, the CEO of Valve, Gabe Newell is reportedly not willing to make another iteration of Half-Life game. He had previously touted series as being a classic and also expressed his unwillingness to make another addition to it.

Lastly, it was just confirmed that Star Wars: The Force Awakens famed director J.J. Abrams will be working in collaboration with Valve to make a movie version of Half-Life 3. When a whole movie is being made, chances are that the developers might decide against making a Half-Life 3 game.

Stay tuned for more update on Half-Life 3.