Criminal Minds Will Shake Up the Viewers and The Bau, Morgan Set to Marry His Baby Momma While Looking for Answers About His Abduction!

Criminal Minds has entered a very interesting part where the name of the Behavioral Analyst Unit is about to get tarnished and the team has to give their all to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Things are disintegrating and the BAU is struggling hard to hold on to the last threads to make sure that things do not get any worse than they already are.

The network has released the synopsis for the upcoming episode that will be run at the stipulated time in the coming week. The next episode is titled The Sandman and it will see the entire team of FBI’s Behavioral Analyst Unit heading to Wichita. The BAU is faced with an UnSub who abducts children from their homes while the parents are asleep.

This case will shake up the whole team and they will be in a difficult spot since it will not be possible for them to solve the case successfully.

The BAU will not be equipped enough to get the full picture of the crime and will not be able to determine who is behind these horrifying crimes. Movie News Guide has reported that the upcoming episode will end with a cliff-hanger that will shake up the viewers.

The team had faced a major setback when their team member Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) was involved in an abduction that almost claimed his life.

Morgan was abducted and tortured in the previous episode by torturer-for-hire Edgar Solomon (Charles Measure) and he almost didn’t survive the vicious attack. Morgan had been one of the most popular character in Criminal Minds and viewers were aghast to see the agent in such a bad shape.

Morgan is believed to have survived the brutal attack on him only because of the hallucinations that he had of his father in those traumatic moments. International Business Times as reported that Morgan is open about fatherhood now that he has realized the value of his own father.

The hallucinations induced in him by the torture made him think back to the day when his father Hank, played by Danny Glover, was brutally shot.

The previous episode had taken the viewers into the dark days of Derek’s life where we see how he was abused by a pedophile at a very young age and he keeps on flat-lining until the final hallucination of his father where he urges his son to try and stay alive.

When Morgan thought that he was in the last few minutes of his life, he proposed to his girlfriend Savannah (Rochelle Aytes) and even confessed that he was aware of the fact that she was pregnant with his kid.

Since Morgan has survived the attack and is now trying to find out answers about it, there are chances that Savannah and he will soon tie the knot and that he will get to play the role of a father.

Derek enters a dream-like state where he thinks of the perfect day of his life and it is projected as one where he is with Savannah and their little kids. This comes in as a realization that he had always wanted this from his life, but was too scared to ask for it given the traumatic past that he had had.

Criminal Minds was not aired on Wednesday by CBS because it had cancelled the original line up of series for the special screening of Victoria’s Secret Swim Special. The special program will feature performances by Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato.