Criminal Minds Will Shake Up the Viewers and The Bau, Morgan Set to Marry His Baby Momma While Looking for Answers About His Abduction!

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For the fans of Criminal Minds who are not too happy with the cancellation, there is happy news that the show will be back at its original time next week and will see Derek Morgan trying to find out who was responsible for the attack on him amidst all the drama involving the UnSub.

Matthew Gubler, who plays the role of Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds has his 36th birthday soon and Zap2it has made a list of some of the most memorable moments that the character of Reid has seen in the eleven seasons of Criminal Minds.

The character of Reid has seen of the most complex moment. He has spoken to a bullying high school student he was on a killing spree about his experience with bullying in his school life and helped the kid survive police firing.

He has been exposed to deadly drugs and diseases during the course of the show and while the viewers were pretty sure that the showrunners will not kill him off, they couldn’t help, but be anxious.

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