Rumors and Speculations Regarding the Upcoming Pokémon Z and Pokémon Go!

Furthermore, they end up protecting it from a mysterious team, which in reality is Team Flare. Meanwhile, it has always been certain that fans will be searching the new anime episodes for clues related to what we can expect to see in the upcoming Pokémon Z.

Meanwhile, during the premiere episode, Ash and co come across their friendly rival Sawyer (Shōta) while trying to outwit Team Flare and thwart their attempts to capture Zygarde. There is one scene, where Ash and Sawyer can be seen comparing gym badges and the latter has three badges that differ from Ash’s.

They are ones that we’ve never seen before. Looking at these badges, the red and blue ones clearly indicate Fire and Water while the last one looks more like that of a Fairy or a Flying Type. According to the placement of the badges, the Fire Type gym should be encountered in the beginning.

While most speculations indicate that the third badge denotes a Flying-Type gym, chances are that it is that of a Fairy Type. The Fairy Type remains quite a new addition to the Pokemon roster and there will be plenty of other options that will move forward with that.

This doesn’t indicate that it will lead to the removal of Valerie (the Laverre City Gym leader). In the end, it could just end up being a new gym/new ‘badge design’.

Stay tuned for more updates on Pokémon Z!