Apple iPad Air 3 Slated to Release Early Next Year, Compared to the Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S2!

In the modern times, tablets are an essential accessory for any person who doesn’t wish to carry a laptop everywhere he goes or a phablet simply doesn’t appeal to him. In terms of tablet sales, Apple has remained victorious for quite a number of years.

In the iPad range, the latest releases were the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini 4. Sadly, the much-awaited Apple iPad Air 3 was still missing from the news. As a result, Apple fans are now speculating whether the iPad Air 3 was dropped in order to make way for the new iPad Pro.

However, if one starts to believe in the rumors, the iPad Air 3 will soon become a reality. According to a lot of rumors circulating online, there is a more powerful iPad Pro 2016 version which should be released before the end of this year or during the first quarter of next year.

In a Christian Today report, both the iPad Air 3 and the iPad Pro 2016 are being considered to be the most powerful tablets made by Apple so far. Rumors indicate that the tech savvy people will call the latest iPad Pro a ‘production wizard’.

With the build quality, productivity can be significantly increased with the iPad Pro 2016, specifically for those people who are engaged in various business endeavors. When you are talking about the sound, the extra speakers in the iPad Pro 2016 provide an edge over the iPad Air 3.

The latter will probably follow in the footsteps of its popular predecessor, the iPad Air 2. According to the website, iPad Air 3 Update, the rumored iPad Air 2 will come with an A9X chipset along with 3D display, 2K resolution and also a 13megapixel camera. There are present rumors which indicate that it will be released sometime in November 2015.

Meanwhile, the iPad Pro 2016 will be released in limited quantities since Apple has reportedly gone conservative in iPad Pro sales. According to present rumors, Apple is trying its best to provide a stiff competition to Microsoft Surface sales.

In terms of specs and performance, the Surface Pro 4 is being touted to be a laptop killer. Expect the iPad Pro 2016 to have a heavy price tag of 799 dollars, as indicated by present rumors.

In terms of weight, the iPad Air 3 is lighter than the iPad Pro 2016 and rumors suggest that compared to iPad Air 2, its successor will be thinner and lighter as well. Both of these devices are top of line and they will offer premium specs with top performance.

Meanwhile, the Apple iPad Air 3 may not hit stores until early next year. People who have been following the rumors involving iPad Air 3 are anticipating the official launch of this device, early next year.

More specifically, the iPad Air 3 is expected to release some time around March next year. The new release date rumor came via the Chinese website MyDrivers, according to a report by Alphyr. In the meantime, the reason for Apple holding off the release of iPad Air 3 in the last few months of 2015 is probably because they wish to avoid buyer fatigue.

According to IT Pro UK, the upcoming iPad Air 3 will reportedly feature an A9X processor. Further reports indicate that the new iPad Air could also provide users with an internal storage of 128GB and should have 2 to 4GB of RAM.