A Lot Of Relationship Rumors Sparked By Luke Hemmings And Arzaylea, Fans Wonder Whether Ashton Irwin And Bryana Holly Have Broken Up!

Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer couldn’t contain their excitement when his band released their sophomore album recently. With Luke’s fans getting their hands on the new album, fans are pretty excited about 5SOS.

The 19-year old Australian star appeared pretty excited about the release of Sounds Good Feels Good, like any of his thousands of fans worldwide. According to popular reports, Luke Hemmings decided the name of the new album of 5 Seconds of Summer. Hemmings was laying down a vocal track while working in a studio.

According to Luke, he nailed it with the name and that is what he told the producer. His bandmates were immediately aware of the fact that their album now has a name. The Official Charts Company revealed that Hemmings is quite convinced that the new album is a major progressive step for 5 Seconds of Summer.

According to Luke, the album clearly reflects the growing maturity of the band and furthermore, it shows a great deal of improvement in their stupendous skills as songwriters. Luke revealed that they have grown up and become better songwriters. After their first album, they toured a lot and through experience, they knew what they want and don’t want to do.

Luke further revealed that his personal favorite track from the new album is called ‘Permanent Vacation’. According to him, the boys didn’t have to work too hard on the track because the song simply flowed out of them and it wasn’t at all difficult, to be put together. In order to establish themselves as a bonafide pop-punk band, Hemmings and his bandmates worked incredibly hard.

Luke further revealed that the ‘boy band’ tag received by 5 Seconds of Summer was unfair. It seems like a hangover from they supported label mates One Direction during the tour. Hemmings considers his band much better than that as they play their own instruments, use their own material and they have created a unique identity for themselves.

At the same time, they are still suffering from credibility issues with various sections of the music press. According to reports from The Guardian, during this year’s NME Awards, 5 Seconds of Summer was awarded the ‘world’s worst band tag’.

In the end, whatever they do, the critics appear to be split about their decisions. One camp described their music as ‘stupidly catchy’ while another considered it ‘blandness in its purest form’.

In the meantime, there are rumors circulating on the internet, which indicate that Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea might be dating each other. At the same time, people are wondering whether Bryana Holly and Ashton Irwin have broken up.

Presently, the 5SOS fans are in frenzy over their latest romance speculation. Recently, rumors started circulating that Irwin and Holly might have broken up and they no longer follow each other on Twitter.

Reports indicate that the model showed up an hour after the band left, in a recent concert. According to some fans, Irwin might have cheated on Holly but there is no evidence to support any such debauchery. At the same time, there is a new photo which has given hope to those fans who want Irwin and Holly to be together.

The picture was taken a few days ago and shows the couple hanging out in Los Angeles. Sadly, the photo was taken from behind and it’s difficult to confirm the identities of these two personalities.