Lindsay Lohan Sports a Sexy Blood-Cat Costume for Halloween, Her Brother Arrested for Forged Parking Permit, And More

Lindsay Lohan, the popular Mean Girls actress has been living in London, England for quite some time now and recently, she decided to step out in what appears to be a “Zombie Sex Kitten” costume. It came with cat’s eyes and whiskers along with a lace mask. It included a full lace body suit and black undergarments.

The look was completed with red lipstick and what appeared to be blood trickling down her lips. The Cuckoo Club and Fran Cutler were hosting and asylum themed party and reports indicate that she was attending it. Later, Lindsay Lohan uploaded an interesting picture on Instagram, taken at the Halloween party.

In the meantime, Lindsay Lohan’s little brother was taken in police custody this week after he was caught parking illegally with a forged permit, right in front of his home. Michael. C Lohan is 27 years old and 2 years younger than his elder sister, Lindsay Lohan.

Street parking is a nightmare in Manhattan and that is exactly where he ended up being detained. It followed an investigation by New York State Police. During an official statement, the department declared that Michael had shown a forged parking placard and it read ‘Official Business’ with a depiction of the NYS government seal.

It was on the windshield of his 2015 Audi. There was no payment made to the adjacent parking meter and it was still seen parked on a street in the Gramercy section of the borough. According to E! News, Michael had just parked outside his apartment building.

Mark Heller, Michael’s attorney had helped both Lindsay and their mom Dina Lohan regarding some legal issues. According to him, the police did not bother to issue a parking ticket and placed him in handcuffs and put him in the car. He declared that the police ‘just summarily arrested’ his client.

According to him, Michael admitted to him that he did not break the law intentionally or violate it on purpose. He is a very hardworking and successful entrepreneur and has never been arrested before.

Heller further declared that they have a good case and he is quite confident that it will be dismissed in court.

According to New York State Police, his misdemeanors include the criminal possession of a forged instrument in the third degree along with criminal impersonation in the second degree. He was released on his own recognizance after being arraigned in at a criminal court and he will face a future court appearance that has been scheduled for 14th December.

He was previously known as Michael Lohan Jr. and he is the eldest son of Dina and the eldest son of Michael Lohan, her ex-husband. Furthermore, the two are also parents to Cody Lohan, aged 19 and Aliana Lohan, aged 21.

All the kids and their mom Dina Lohan, appeared on the reality show Living Lohan in 2008. At the same time, Michael played a small part in The Parent Trap, Lindsay’s breakout film.

Meanwhile, some of us were getting pretty bored with Halloween but thankfully, Lindsay Lohan came over to save the day. Lindsay Lohan keeps cropping up every few months or so in order to do something that comes somewhere between mischief and wreaking havoc. At the same time, she keeps taunting us out of our stupor.

She keeps reminding us that the world we live in is pretty wild, certainly unwieldy and significantly weird and crazy as well. Means, her latest stunt is no exception either. She dressed herself as a sexy blood-cat, wearing a fake engagement ring and was spotted at the London Halloween Party.