Rumors And Speculations on Mads Mikkelsen’s Character Identity in Doctor Strange, The Whitewashing Issue Is Addressed by Marvel!

The movie was written by C. Robert Cargill and he had a different explanation. According to him, the major concern was about having a Tibetan character in the movie which would make it harder for Doctor Strange to receive access to Chinese audiences.

Now Cargill didn’t really delve deep into China’s relationship with Tibet but he is not at all wrong when it comes to the movies. Things are apparently, quite complicated in China. The fight for equality in the movie industry could be a matter of making Hollywood live up to the American principles that it claims to project so smoothly.

However, there are barriers to equality and certain solutions are needed in order to overcome them. As a result, it forces us to have a clear-cut concept beyond our own borders.

Meanwhile, the trailer isn’t something that people should be really happy about. Firstly, the problem with whitewashing a character persists and frankly, Tilda Swinton is seen doing a rather Chow Yun Fat impression in what is clearly an Asian monastery. It seems like the film lacks a better job being done at context.

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