Sara Ramirez Scares Fans with Cryptic Tweet, Grey’s Anatomy Sees Stephanie Break Up with Kyle, Owen and Amelia Are Still Together!

Most of the original cast members of Grey’s Anatomy have been leaving the show much to the disappointment of the original viewers. Huffington Post reported that Sara Ramirez, who had joined Grey’s Anatomy in Season 2 might be set to leave the show.

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes has removes majority of the original cast members by way of accidents, deaths and shootings and a recent tweet by Sara Ramirez has shocked the fans. In what looks like a cryptic message from Sara Ramirez, fans fear that she has hinted at her imminent departure from Grey’s Anatomy after the wrap up of Season 12.

Ramirez celebrated the wrap up of the current season stating that it’s a wrap for Dr. Torres and thanked everyone for the unforgettable and fulfilling experience that she had had. Now the fans are torn between whether the tweet was a celebration of the season getting over or she had actually hinted at the role of Dr. Torres coming to an end in Grey’s Anatomy.

There was an onslaught of enquiry from her fans following the Twitter post, but Ramirez kept completely silent on the matter. Sara Ramirez’s contract with Grey’s Anatomy comes to an end with Season 12, and there are no news to validate if it has been renewed for at least another season.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 is seeing Dr. CallieTorres involved in a custody battle with her ex-wife, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). She has finally moved on and gotten herself a new girlfriend and there are talks of her moving to New York to be with her.

The fans are hoping that even if Dr. Torres is taken out of Grey’s Anatomy, she should be kept alive. She has already been through a lot in her life and the last thing fans want is for her to die a brutal and painful death, as Shonda Rhimes has the habit of including.

For now, those who are watching Grey’s Anatomy, will see the custody battle between Callie and Arizona get more and more complex. The fans will be able to find out who gets the full custody of Sofia, only in the next week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Callie and Arizona ask their friends and family to testify for them at court, while some decline, some pick sides.

Alex (Justin Chambers) refuses to pick sides and stays away from the custody battle. However, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) pick sides and testify for Callie. Arizona has Webber (James Pickens Jr.) testifying for her in the court. He even asks Arizona to fight for Sofia like she’s never fought for anything else in her life.

Arizona tries to get April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) to testify for her, but she interrupted by Penny (Samantha Sloyan), Callie’s new girlfriend. Things get a little awkward and heated, but Penny comes out with a positive idea about Arizona.

The previous episode of Grey’s Anatomy also saw Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) calling it quits with Kyle (Wilmer Valderrama). Stephanie had been finding it very difficult to keep her professional and personal life separate and things get worse when Kyle is admitted to the hospital again.

Stephanie gets an alarming start when she is treated as a family member for Kyle’s case and not as a doctor. She decides to take charge of her career and breaks up with Kyle with a handwritten letter, which he reads while recovering from surgery. The fans were shocked at this cold move on the part of Stephanie and even Jerrika Hinton doesn’t approve of it.