Rollo and Ragnar Face Off, Vikings Season 4 Will See Floki Welcoming King Harald, And More

Vikings Season 4 has gone back to the Paris attack once again. This time it is not a battle between the Vikings and Frankia, but it is a battle between Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Rollo (Clive Standen). Rollo has always lived his life in the shadow of his brother, Ragnar.

He had tried to kill him and get to the throne, but had been unsuccessful. When the Vikings attacked Paris, Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau) offered Rollo his daughter Gisla’s (Morgaine Polanski) hand in marriage and also offered him a place at the Frankish court.

For the first time, Rollo felt that he could be something on his own merit and he went against the Vikings and sided with the Frankish. Rollo’s betrayal left a deep impact on Ragnar who isn’t being able to accept the fact. Ragnar decides to go back to Paris for a fresh set of attack and Rollo will have to prove his worth in front of the people of Frankia.

Movie News Guide reported that Rollo had anticipated this attack and had prepared his French army for the same. He goes strong on the incoming Vikings army and gives them a huge blow. Ragnar and Rollo will be overwhelmed by emotion when they realize that they are both well, but then they do not have time for this since they are out to prove their worth and it is a fight for the fittest.

Bjorn has been harboring a long desire to kill Rollo for betraying Ragnar and he is thoroughly disappointed to find that Rollo is nowhere to be found and neither is his army. Ragnar knows that Rollo is waiting for him. In these moments of Vikings Season 4, the fans still feel that Rollo is going to change sides and join the Vikings, but that doesn’t happen. He stands strongly with the French army.

While Ragnar is out attacking Paris, Aslaug comes face to face with Harbard (Kevin Duran). Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) had enough of Harbard and his ways where he stirs the emotions of the women in Kattegat and he tries her patience so bad that Aslaug ends up slapping him when he informs that he isn’t under her possession. Aslaug has been asked to look after Kattegat in the absence of Ragnar and she is very particular about her duty.

Forbes has informed that Vikings Season 4 is going to throw more light on the identity of Harbard and the relationship he shares with Aslaug. Aslaug had previously seen him in her dreams as did Helga and Sissy. Harbard was able to heal Ivar in Season 3 of Vikings and this threw light on the fact that he is in possession of some power.

There are speculations that Aslaug doesn’t like the way Harbard interacts with the other women in Kattegat and this raises questions of how even Ragnar’s intimate relationship with Yidu (Dianna Doan) couldn’t affect her. Aslaug realizes that Ragnar isn’t never going to come back to him and there are rumors that she harbors some feeling for Harbard.

Ragnar has been introduced to a new drug by Yidu that makes Ragnar hallucinates. In the last episode of Vikings Season 4, Ragnar will think of the past he had shared with Lagertha and the happiness and joy he had once had in his life. Ragnar is so moved by the sights that he ends up weeping.