Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge Share an Adorable Photo, Fans Get to Know Her Fitness Secret!

Miranda Kerr bonded with old friend Lily Aldridge last Tuesday and there are photos on Instagram to prove how much fun the girls had. The two had been friends ever since they walked the ramp together for Victoria’s Secret and they reunited after a very long time.

Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge came together for work and they posted a short video where they pout in front of the camera and dance around while at work in the Siren Studio.

Miranda Kerr had recently chopped off her hair and now sports a short tousled bob. She was dressed in a white t-shirt and denim overall and had kept her make-up minimal. Lily was the one who took the photo and she had kept her locks open and flashed her beautiful smile after pouting at the camera.

Miranda Kerr had captioned the video saying that the two of them were working, but it is very clear that they were goofing around in between all the work. Fans can’t seem to get over the fact that Miranda Kerr looks adorable with her new hair-do. They have been gushing ever since she had cut it short and the compliments keep rolling.

As Daily Mail had reported, Miranda Kerr had welcomed Lily Aldridge to her home last month. She even shared a photo of the two catching up for a meal with another friend Michaelina DeJoria. Lily Aldridge and Miranda Kerr are both mothers and they are very active on the social media.

Miranda Kerr had been a model for Victoria’s Secret and there is no doubt that she has a great body. The model and mother of five-year-old Flynn has managed to keep her body in shape and there are many girls who want to get a figure like hers. Harper’s Bazaar has come out with the detailed plan that Miranda Kerr follows to maintain her body.

She informed the magazine that she starts her day with hot water and lemon and then has eggs or avocado with toast. An hour later she usually has a smoothie of a fruit. For lunch, Miranda Kerr revealed that she has salad and grilled chicken and says that others can have fish they so desire. Dinner for her usually comprises of chicken, fish or turkey with lots of vegetables.

Miranda Kerr revealed another secret to her fans. She said that she usually carries healthy snacks with herself. If she feels hungry, she just pops them in She has fresh fruits, seeds or some nuts that she munches on.

While maintaining a strict diet helps, she has asked her fans to treat themselves sometimes. She said that there can be a day or two in a week when they can indulge in good food and reward themselves.

Miranda Kerr has advices her fans to work out in the morning instead of the body since the body works on the fat then instead of the muscles and the weight loss is faster.

She usually does yoga for about half an hour and follows with Pilates or weight training or works with resistance bands. She loves to mix up her workout so that it doesn’t get monotonous.

Lifestyle reported that Miranda Kerr was back home in Sydney after 18 months and she took the time out to spend some time with her friends. It was one of the most awaited thing that she was looking for and nothing could spoil the day for her. She had hosted the party at her temporary house in the city.