Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge Share an Adorable Photo, Fans Get to Know Her Fitness Secret!

Miranda Kerr said that she loves to have people over and there is a frequent stream of family, friends and play dates for her son Flynn. She loves to make people at home and is always welcome to entertaining people.

Miranda Kerr organized the special lunch and had called up all her close girl-friends. Her school friends were there and so were her friends from the industry. Her parents were at home and so was her son and Miranda Kerr was a great host since she fleeted in and out of the many worlds completely at ease.

The decoration was made out of freshly cut flowers from the garden and there were candles everywhere. Miranda Kerr serve fresh organic food for lunch along with champagne. The food, the company and the ambience made the party a huge success.

Miranda Kerr recently went public with her boyfriend Evan Spiegel. She has been dating the founder of Snapchat since last June, but didn’t want to come out in the open before things had settled down between the two.

She shared adorable photos of their trip to Washington to let the world know that she was in love with the guy. Miranda Kerr has even introduced him to her son and ex-husband Orlando Bloom.

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