Roku 4 Supports ‘4K Video’ Content But How Usable Is This Feature? Let’s See

However, looking for 4K videos can still be a challenge. In 4K showcase, you are not pointed to ultra-high-definition videos which are available in Netflix and on top of that, there isn’t a complete list of 4K TV shows or movies which are available through all other channels.

The search feature of Roku can’t be used to search only 4K videos. However, the major advantage of Roku boxes is that they offer access to a lot of Internet channels, compared to their strongest competitors. You have the ability to access most of the 4K videos through Roku in case you own a 4K television.

There is also another problem with 4K. It comes with some requirements like 20-20 eyesight. You must also have a TV which is 70inches or more or you need to typically sit closer to it than 9 feet.

Unless you tick all these checkboxes, you won’t be able to distinguish between 4K and regular high-definition video. As a result, even if you are watching the video in high definition, you won’t be able to distinguish.

It also has many other features like using your voice to search for a TV series, using a dedicated button on a remote or you could also use an on-screen keyboard with the remote.

Stay tuned for more updates on Roku 4!