Married at First Sight Season 3: Doug and Jamie Try to Sort Their Problems, Courtney and Jason Have Differences, Third Season Might Not Be Cancelled!

The couples in Married at First Sight: The First Year Season 2 are thinking about the future, but there are some doubts about how far they are going to go in their relationship.

While Courtney Hendrix and Jason Carrion have fallen in love and are having a perfect married life, things aren’t looking good for Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner.

There were issues cropping up between the two because Jamie had recently revealed that she still has feeling for her ex. The last episodes showed Jamie trying to coax her sister to call her ex for her gender reveal party, but that request wasn’t executed by Jamie’s sister since she felt that it wasn’t a very good situation to place Doug in.

Jamie Otis even visited Dr. Pepper Schwartz and spoke about the fact that she isn’t being able to stay happy with Doug since she keeps thinking about her ex.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz tried to make her realize that what she is doing is wrong and it isn’t correct to place her husband in such a situation. She encourages Jamie to work towards her marriage and find out ways to open up to each other.

Doug Hehner finds it very unsettling that after his wife is still stuck with feelings for her ex and when he confesses this to his brother, he says that it is not right for Jamie to have feelings for her ex when she is married to Doug.

Unable to deal with the situation, Doug heads out to Dr. Pepper Schwartz’s office in episode 5 of Married at First Sight: The First Year. Dr. Pepper assures Doug that Jamie is thinking of her ex not because she still has feelings for him, but because she isn’t being able to be completely open to Doug when it comes to physical and emotional intimacy.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz advises Doug to be vocal about his feelings with Jamie and is shocked to find out that Doug had second thoughts about this marriage only when he found out that Jamie is still hung up on her ex.

Jamie and Doug are planning to have a baby. Jamie feels that she is ready for the baby, but Doug is postponing the event because he feels that the two of them aren’t in a relationship where they can take the step forward to expand their family.

Doug is delaying the process by making up a pre-baby bucket list. He has decided to complete certain goals in life before he is ready to start the process.

Jamie had promised Dr. Schwartz that she will try to give Doug the importance that he deserves in her life. She took pole dancing lessons to add the zing to their marriage and also organized a day of fencing with her husband.

Doug speaks out about his feelings regarding their marriage and Jamie gets scared that Doug might not see a future together. However, the two have a great time at fencing. Jamie promises that she will work hard to become a better wife and fans hope that the two can salvage their marriage.

Cortney and Jason on the other hand are having issues with their house. While Courtney wants to move out of New York, Jason isn’t very keen since that would entail him to leave his job as a fire fighter in the city.

Courtney wants to move to North Carolina where she grew up to raise her children, but Jason isn’t quite keen about the idea.