Roku 4 Enters the Fray While Amazon Decides To Drop Rivals Apple TV and Chromecast from Its Store, More Details!

The earlier models offered wireless Internet connectivity. It was improved this time around, so that you successfully do it with 4K content as well. In the hardware department, the major disappointment is the 256MB of internal storage, available for applications. There are thousands of apps offered by Roku and you can easily build up a major collection.

However, in case there are some apps which you access infrequently, Roku will present you with a loading screen while it clears some memory in order to add the selected one back in. With the microSD option, you can add more storage to your device but it is rather add that the Roku 4 didn’t come with a greater storage option.

In the meantime, Amazon earlier announced that it will be dropping various competing media streaming devices from its store, specifically the ones that don’t support its own streaming media service, named Amazon Prime.

As a result, Apple TV and Chromecast by Google were recently removed from the store. Meanwhile, the battle of the streaming devices has further been heated up by the $130 Roku 4 and Apple has introduced their new Apple TV as well. Among Roku 4’s latest upgrades are 4K Ultra HD streaming from various sites like M-Go, Netflix and Amazon Video.

Stay tuned for more updates on Roku 4!