Sims 4 ‘Get Together’ Expansion Includes New Club Features, Developers Detail New Jealousy Trait with Latest Patch Notes, And More Details

The Sims 4 will soon receive clubs and this will definitely create some virtual drama for Sims players all over the world. With the new gameplay mechanic, players will be able to create custom Clubs that come with favorite activities, specific rules along with an exclusive hangout spot which has been created for Club members.

Furthermore, clubs will have rival clubs and they would never speak of it or actually or dedicate their club to create some trouble in the neighborhood. The new Get Together expansion will feature the inclusion of Clubs as one of its primary highlights.

The release is simply a month away and this is definitely a great time to detail the much anticipated Club feature. Meanwhile, according to game developers, there are 11 ways in which players can customize their clubs.

Players will be able to name their clubs and further pick the logo in Get Together. When the club members are gathered together, the logo will be displayed on top of them. As a result, you should pick something that definitely embodies the ideals of the Club. Furthermore, players also need to set up Club requirements.

This will pertain to the age requirement for Sims in order to join or the skills which are mandatory. Furthermore, the Sims marital or financial status can be chosen for entering a club. The Clubs in Sims 4 can be customized with various preferred club activities along with some banned activities as well.

The specialization might reach a point where the members of one Club might not get along with the members of another. There are 10 rules that the members of Clubs will need to follow. The Sims might not normally act that way but once they belong to a Club, the rules will make them do it.

When in a Club, the rules become a top priority during a Club gatheringfor the Sims. Meanwhile, if a Sim is not currently with a club, the rules of the Club will not influence the Sim’s actions. In the new Sims 4 Club video, the Club shown as an example, loves to swim and doesn’t wish to be mean.

They also like spending their time near a bonfire. Meanwhile, Club members can earn Club points by hanging out in their preferred locations and doing their favorite activities. The points can be further spent in order to purchase perks like secret handshakes, skill boosts and various vibes for their individual Clubs.

With a vibe, a Club gets hold of a specific emotion which can be gained by the members as soon as they join together with their Club. Furthermore, players will be able to create Club outfits or craft an exclusive area just for the Club. At the same time, they can select an exclusive hangout as well.

The video features a Free Spirits Club which calls a poolside cabin their exclusive hangout. The ‘Get Together’ expansion will release in 8th December even though it was earlier scheduled to release in November. According to the Inquisitr, the delay allowed the Sims 4 development team to further improve the Clubs feature.

They also added diving spots in natural pools, a new interactive board game and further added a hangout, which is a specific location, designed only for the Club. Meanwhile, the game was recently updated with a patch and it came with a few new free items and a feature which was often requested in the game. Furthermore, Sims now have the ability to summon a repairman when something breaks in the game.