Sims 4 ‘Get Together’ Expansion Includes New Club Features, Developers Detail New Jealousy Trait with Latest Patch Notes, And More Details

This was reported by the official Twitter account of the franchise. Keep in mind that Sims still have the ability to repair items by themselves. However, the new repairman will fix the broken items for a fee and this prevents the Sims getting their hands dirty.

In November 3, a new patch went live and it added the results of the Trick or Treat challenge while fixing an issue with some police station objects. There were various other issues which were rectified as well. Head over to the EA website and check out patch notes for further information.

Meanwhile, last month, a lengthy patch added the Jealous social trait to the game. A Sim which has the Jealous trait gets jealous in an easier way, compared to a Sim that is devoid of the trait.

Meanwhile, hanging around other Sims will buff the confidence of Sims but they will start getting tense after a long absence from their partner, as suggested by the official patch notes. This is certainly a part of human emotion and it will make the Sims appear more human.

With the new trait, it will be difficult for a Sim to woohoo with another as their partner might heart it. Funnily enough, fights can ensue if a Sim catches their partner kissing somebody else.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sims 4!