Rogue One: Star Wars Story Release Date, Trailer Gives a Lot of Clues About the Movie’s Plot Points, Han Solo Will Not Be in the Spin-off

Fans further speculate that Galen Erso might have had a part to play in the designing of the Death Star. Hence, making him an integral part of the plot of the movie.

It has been confirmed by EW that the Stormtrooper doll is a galactic version of a toy soldier and that the doll will have a special significance in the story. The Movie Web commented that at least it doesn’t seem that it will be some strange, self-referential bit of product placement.

Given the Empire’s reach in the galaxy, it doesn’t look highly improbable that there might be some propaganda goods available for kids in that universe. Nothing further can be ascertained for sure, as of yet.

The toy’s significance will reveal itself on the 16th of December at the movie theatres.

Very recently Star Wars has unveiled its poster, featuring its villain, Director Orson Krennic. The character is played by Ben Mendelsohn. This notorious character holds the Empire’s Death Star plans to make him an integral character in the plot. It is from him that Jyn, along with a team of rebels, is supposed to steal the plans.

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