Robyn to Decide Whether She Will Go for The Family Vacation in Sister Wives, Rumor About Kody Taking A Fifth Wife!

She made one for each house and captured the essence of each wife in the paintings. There were a lot of rumors about Meri leaving the family, but she removed those with her gesture. She is here to stay and is very much a part of the family.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the four sister wives are going to walk out on Kody since he will take in a fifth wife. This appears to be the news matter of the popular tabloid, Life & Style. The editor adds that neither of the wives can possibly stand each other and they are pushed to the limits when Kody comes in with a fifth wife.

This doesn’t look like a possibility since even though there’s a lot of drama, it is never enough to make them leave. In fact, the recent episode of Sister Wives shows the wives sitting with Kody and talking to him about his decision for polygamy. Kody talks about how he had never expected such a backlash when he unveiled his polygamous family to the world.

He has time and again asked the world to see the Brown family as a normal one, but that never happens. The family was facing prosecution for polygamy in Utah, before the case was dismissed. The family has lashed against critics who look at their world from the monogamous perception.

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