Superman To Feature In Supergirl Season 2 Along With Other New Characters, Teen Wolf Alum Tyler Hoechlin Cast As The Caped Crusader, And More!

There is confirmation that Superman is going to be feature in Supergirl Season 2. The character was left out of Season 1, but then the move to CW has made the creators change the storyboard to include Superman in the series. There has been a lot of discussion on who will play the role of Superman, and after much deliberation, Tyler Hoechlin of Teen Wolf has been chosen to be cast as Clark Kent aka Superman.

Hoechlin first came into the limelight when he played the role of Tom Hank’s son in the film, Road to Perdition. However, it was Teen Wolf that helped him make a mark as an actor. Apart from Teen Wolf, he had recently made an appearance in Fifty Shades of Grey and Everybody Wants Some.

Andrew Kreisberg, the producer of Supergirl, has informed IGN that he and Greg Berlanti had been wanting to work with Tyler Hoechlin for a long time now and they are happy that this situation worked out. They got a perfect Superman for their Supergirl Season 2 and they also get to work with Tyler on the sets. The showrunners feel that Hoechlin is a brilliant actor and that he would do complete justice to the role of Superman.

It has been revealed that the story arc of Supergirl Season 2 will show Superman aka Clark Kent visiting National City to meet his cousin, Kara Danvers aka Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). Superman had for so long stayed in the shadows to allow Kara to gain popularity as Supergirl, but it looks like there is a threat coming towards National City, which will require more than two Kryptonian heroes.

Supergirl’s journey from her home was the focus of Season 1 and it had ended with Kara getting a Kryptonian pod, which is the cliffhanger that the viewers are waiting to be unveiled in Season 2 of Supergirl. Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Kriesberg has said the showrunners are not yet ready to reveal who had shot J.R. The character is going to be an exciting one and this information will play an important role in Supergirl Season 2.

There is still a lot of interest to find out why Clark Kent is suddenly going to drop in at National City. There is a possibility that he might end up there because of a sudden crater that has been discovered outside the town or that Kara has called him over since she has found some new information about J.R’s death.

The viewers of Supergirl are well aware that Superman will always be looming large in Kara’s life, but then they never presumed that someone has popular as Tyler Hoechlin will be cast in the role. This makes it very evident that Superman will go on to play a crucial role in the series. Yes, it is given that Superman will never become more important than Supergirl since she is the star of the show, but with the network carrying out crossovers between Supergirl, Arrow and Flash, there is a chance that Superman might find a place in those series as well.

CW has made sure that Superman was introduced in the very first episode of Supergirl and with Melty reporting that there is a Justice Society of America on the cards in the next season of Legends of Tomorrow, there is speculation that CW is working towards building a crossover of the Justice League in the coming future.

A crossover with Arrow will be interesting since it will bring Tyler Hoechlin together with his Teen Wolf alum, Colton Hayes, who plays the role of Red Arrow aka Roy Harper.