Robyn to Decide Whether She Will Go for The Family Vacation in Sister Wives, Rumor About Kody Taking A Fifth Wife!

The recent episode of Sister Wives finally showed Robyn and Kody welcome their new born baby into the world. The fans of the TLC reality show were already aware of the fact that Robyn and Kody will be having a baby girl and they actually had her on the 10th of Jan, but the incident was finally showed on screen in the last few episodes.

Nothing happens smoothly in the Brown household and it was the same even with the birth of the baby, Ariella Mae. The viewers were shocked to see that Robyn gave birth to her in their home. There were a lot of concern about the sanitizing process and many fans pointed out that the mid-wife wasn’t doing a very good job in keeping it under check.

The Sister Wives episode of child birth, did show the mid-wife wearing gloves, but she was seen touching a lot of things, which increased the risk of infection for the baby and could have made her very sick. It wasn’t an easy labor for Robyn since the baby’s shoulder was caught in the birth canal and the mid-wife had to break the clavicle to pull her out.

This caused the baby to turn blue seconds after being born and while she was revived, she suffered from a shoulder dystocia. Robyn has always been very worried about her baby girl’s health and now when there are talks of the whole Brown family heading to Hawaii, she is very concerned about travelling for such a long distance with a little baby.

As reported by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Kody Brown had planned for a family vacation to Hawaii and he wanted all the members of the large family to be present there.

While this looks like a great time for the whole family to bond together, Robyn has to make the decision of whether she wants to stay back at home with Ariella Mae or whether she would take the risk of travelling with the two and a half months old baby.

If Robyn does decide to stay back at home, Solomon will have to stay back with her and this will make a few of the other kids lose out on their family vacation. This puts her in a tight fix because while she has had an intense delivery, she doesn’t want to be the one to prevent some of the kids from having fun during their much anticipated family vacation.

Sister Wives had already shown Meri and Janelle going to therapy to sort out their issues. They had been sitting with their therapist, Nancy and she had asked them to start with Thanksgiving and work together.

While they tried to work together for Thanksgiving, the two women kept facing the same issues. Meri was too outspoken for Janelle and the latter in turn kept very quiet.

While the Thanksgiving episode was a complete disaster, Meri and Janelle decided to work on another project together and Meri agreed with Janelle’s plan this time round since she wanted for them to work things out.

On the other hand, Meri’s relationship with Kody wasn’t changing. The viewers of Sister Wives had seen Meri’s catfish episode completely break her and she and Kody had a cooling off after he married Robyn, legally.

However, the last episode of Sister Wives showed Meri coming forward and giving her husband and her sister wives a painting, as an early gift for Kody’s upcoming birthday.