Rise Of Iron DLC To Bring In Interesting Features, Trailer Revealed At E3, Developers Hint That Destiny 2 Will Be Out In 2017, And More

Given that Destiny was released on 9th September, 2014, there is a chance that Destiny will be released around the same time next year. The pre-Christmas rush for booking always works for the developers and given the last successful run, the fans are hopeful that Activision and Bungie are going to stick to the same schedule for Destiny 2.

The players are dying to find out scoops about Destiny 2 and Design Lead, Lars Bakken has informed them that they are still looking at waypoints for the time being. They have over hundreds of passionate people working to plan the adventures that are going to be in store for the players in Destiny 2. The developers have promised that they will share the details with the fans as and when they are ready.

Activision and Bungie didn’t come out with any updates on Destiny 2 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo that was held recently. The developers only spoke about the DLC, Rise of Iron. However, given that there is so much being written about Destiny 2, there is some validation on the fact that the developers are working on the same.

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