Rihanna’s Former Residence Bought by John Legend and Wife, Analysis Reveals Rihanna Is the Most Marketable Celebrity!

The NPD Group has informed that Rihanna has a score of 367, which indicates that she has a brand endorsement opportunity that is 3.7 times better than other A-listed celebrities. Barbara Zack, the vice president of NPD Group has said that the survey has proved that the consumers have their own preferences for a particular brand.

She went on to add that marketing teams have always wanted data to give a good report on their sponsorship deals and the report by the NPD Group have helped prove what has always been believe-that not all celebrities are viable for all brands.

The NPD Group’s database consists of 92,000 consumers and they use them to analyze the correlation between band preference and consumers liking for a particular celebrity. According to the survey it was concluded that Rihanna would be a good brand ambassador for Jeep since most of her songs have a positive preference for the brand. The other brands that seem to go well with Rihanna’s brand image include T-Mobile, Gucci, Guess, Bonne Bell Cosmetics.

With Rihanna topping the list, it is no secret that big brands are going to be making a bee-line for her.

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