Rihanna to Perform for Cano’s Fundraiser, Her Father Makes an Embarrassing Statement, And More

Rihanna has sparked off some speculations after she was spotted with her ex boyfriend Drake, at a recording studio. There are rumors that Drake might be making an appearance in Rihanna’s next album. There has been no official news, but fans are hopeful of Rihanna confirming the rumors soon.

While Rihanna has been making news for all the right reason, her father Ronald Fenty has been making news for all the wrong. Fenty took to Facebook to wish Bruce Jenner a happy Mother’s Day.

Fenty shared a photo of the 65-year-old Bruce Jenner with the words “Happy Mother’s Day everyone” surrounding it. He captioned the photo saying that he is still going to call him Bruce Jenner because he doesn’t know what name he has decided to use after his transformation.

Rihanna’s father must have realized that the caption was inappropriate because he changed it and made it a more general one. This final post shared on his Twitter page as well. Fenty’s post has received a large number of criticisms and some fans even said that Rihanna talks some sense into him.