Rihanna and Prince Harry Chuckle in the Absence of Harry’s Hollywood Actress Girlfriend

Prince Harry of Wales seems to attract the most adorable, striking, and gorgeous models wherever he turns in a public meeting. In his recent tour to Barbados, he did not disappoint and this time round he was captured by the cameras struggling to battle a giggling fit with Barbados’ goddess of music -Rihanna. The Price who could not maintain a serious face during a prayer session seems to have shared a hilarious comment during the state prayer as the nation was celebrating its 50 years of self-rule.

The pair seemed to connect well. Perhaps this is the reason why Rihanna showed up at the event as a surprise guest. Cameras captured Harry spinning into a startling stun as the pop star matched majestically in the hall. His stunning girlfriend Meghan Markle who is a famous hollywood actress was absent during the event. Rihanna seems to have enjoyed the opportunity while still creating a friendly connection with the handsome price. Markle has been busy and did not manage to attend this event. The actress is playing a vital role in a new movie known as Anti-social. This has been a busy week for the prince who has traveled to different places across the globe.

The 32-year old price has always been a darling of many. His charm personality makes him leave a lasting impact in the hearts of many female models who will admire to date him. Rihanna is known for her racy and flashy dresses. She is a daring girl and can do anything connected to her explicit videos. However, this time round she turned in this event wearing a conservative knee-length dress as a respect for the loyal crown. These two world-renowned icons clasped hands while at the marquee. This was their first ever meeting. Harry while reading the queen’s letter, took a brief moment to praise Rihanna for her extraordinary talent as the crowd cheered her.